Employee Wellness

Improvements in employee wellness, which encompasses programs to better the health and fitness of the workforce, have a direct impact on an organisation’s bottom line through greater productivity, lower absenteeism, fewer accidents and heightened sense of commitment to work and the employer.

Our employee wellness solutions include yoga and fitness classes, boot camps, mobility training, occupational-fitness exercises and seminars on a range of lifestyle issues. Below we have a sample of programs we can provide, or allow us to customise our services to meet you workforce needs.

Wellness seminars

What is Wellness and how can I adapt it to my lifestyle? How can it benefit me?

  • Implementing fitness/yoga activities, lifestyle changes, better eating and sleeping
  • Work-life balance: what is it and how to experience it
  • Stress management


Get moving

To help sedentary individuals get moving during and outside of work for a healthier lifestyle

  • Activation and mobility workshop
    • A hands-on experience to learn more about the body, how to release tight and tense muscles and getting the most of out your training. Thiscan also aid in muscle recovery and potentially any ridding any niggles you’re carrying.
  • Lower back care seminar
    • Do you find yourself sitting at a desk all day and winding up with a sore low back by the end of the day? Does your work involve lifting heavy weights and you find yourself pulling up sore after work? This is the course for you! Learn the basics of the lower back structure, how to lift the right way and tips for taking the strain off the back.

Introduction to Fitness/Yoga

Many people won’t go to a gym because they aren’t comfortable with that type of environment. Or perhaps they had attended a gym before but didn’t see the results because they were not sure how to get the best out of their training. This course will teach the fundamentals of training, how to move in optimum ways to avoid injuries during and outside of exercise.


Nutrition Seminars

  • Training + Nutrition – eating to support your fitness goals
  • Healthy eating – what is it when you take the fads away?
  • Healthy cooking – it should be tasty and it can be easy whether you need to cook for one, two or a family of many hungry mouths