Occupational Assessments

We can provide individualised assessments to identify the suitability of your workers for their roles and keep them moving safely at work.

Task and workflow evaluations

Individual physical fitness tests/full body wellness consultation

Assessing and training supervisors in skills for managing their team’s safety

Workshops covering physical and mental safety management for workers

Workplace wellness assessments and reports

Posture/fitness pre-employment screening

A functional screen prior to hiring a new employee can aid the selection of suitable employees for a new job. Our service would include a full body posture analysis, functional movement screen and fitness assessment (if required) plus a safe working induction for the new worker.

From our assessments we can work with you to devise plans for keeping your teams active and well. Fortnightly or monthly catch-ups will ensure you see progress against goals. Programs can also include access to our wellness facilities, our full range of yoga and fitness classes, as well as other allied health programs we have on offer.

Contact us to meet with our team of consultants, therapists and trainers and allow us to develop and run/support your corporate wellness programs.