Our Cafe

Our goal is to offer a café experience that evokes an era when the food we ate came from the direct connection between land and plate, without large-scale production lines and chemical enhancers in between. om pantry & coffee celebrates food’s unique ability to bring people together and to satisfy the soul, not just the body

om wellness subscribes to the philosophies of renewal, sustainability and synergy with nature associated with ancient practices, seeking to respect the earth, each other and ourselves in the way we do business. Being true to this core value means:

Actively seeking local suppliers over corporate and national brands
Choosing organic options where available
Only working with suppliers with aligned values and philosophies
Eliminating over-processed and refined ingredients
Thinking about what we do, not just following or imitating others
Acting as part of a global community

A Mayan inspiration is seen in the om wellness brand, such as in our colour palette which reflects the bold, earthy hues used in Mesoamerican art, textiles and pottery. om pantry & coffee pays homage to this culture that gave us corn, avocados, chilli, potatoes, quinoa, and of course, chocolate.

Featuring an all day menu, om pantry & coffee is the perfect destination whether you are looking for a snack, something to share with friends, a bite on the run, to relax over a coffee, or enjoy a solitary break in your day.

Our online system OrderMate makes it easy for you to order and pay ahead. Great when you are pushed for time, or if you are sending some hungry after-school mouths our way. Even more conveniently, you don’t have to get out of your car to collect an order. Use OrderMate to select drive-through, pull up to our pick-up bay and we’ll run your order out to you.

Opening hours from 7AM to 4PM Monday to Friday and
8AM to 2PM on Saturdays and Sundays
(hours subject to change).

our clients reaching and sustaining peak wellness is our goal