fitness classes

gentle class,

perfect for beginners

moderate pace,

moderate intensity

gentle pace, moderate intensity;

can be modified to suit beginners

intense workout for building

cardio fitness and strength

For a fitness paced workout, there will be something which will suit your lifestyle!


a full body workout based on specific timing on different exercise stations  designed to improve cardio fitness and strength

lunchtime sHIIT

a gentler version of interval training, good for beginners or those with injuries

mat pilates

a low impact workout that builds core strength and lengthens and stretches muscles

barre tone

the ideal class for working the glutes, hips, thighs and calf muscles

barre flexible

a barre class with movement designed to improve flexibility


a triple class with one third focused on tone, a third building strength and a third working on cardio fitness

strengthen and stretch

exercises focusing on joints and overused muscles, especially great for those who play sport

core and floor

strengthens the lowers abdominal area, lower back and pelvic floor to improve posture and relieve back and sciatica pain


a group class based on marital arts to improve reflexes, balance and flexibility


boxing-style group classes improving movement, reflexes, and upper body fitness

mind & body

the perfect mid-week reset combining breath and movement to refocus your energy, de-clutter the mind and set aside any stress

open gym

we provide the space, equipment and instructor to help and encourage you through your workout

our clients reaching and sustaining peak wellness is our goal