yoga classes

gentle class,

perfect for beginners

moderate pace,

moderate strength

gentle pace, moderate poses;

can be modified to suit beginners

strong poses,

advanced techniques

A wide variety of yoga classes which are tailored to each individual.

yoga awaken

hatha practice for centring the mind and increasing oxygen and blood flow to bring positive energy into the body

yoga activate

vinyasa practice using flow of breath and body to create a feeling of spiritual and physical harmony

power flow

power vinyasa-style practice

resistance yoga

hatha practice with added resistance using weights for enhanced conditioning


means ‘flowing with grace’. a workshop-style practice that focuses on a specific pose; for intermediate to experienced yogis

yin yoga

a slow-paced style using long holds of each pose improving joint mobility and flexibility

yoga for back, neck and shoulders (BN&S)

designed specifically to counter long hours in sitting or hunched positions, this class helps correct poor posture and relieve tension

intuitive yoga

a practice that allows you to follow the rhythm and flow of your own body

yoga manifest

for experienced practitioners, this class challenges the body with strong poses and advanced techniques

yoga nidra

breathing and meditative practice

mind and body

the perfect mid-week reset combining breath and movement to refocus your energy, declutter the mind and set aside any stress


a supported relaxation class to bring a sense of well-being to mind, spirit and body

our clients reaching and sustaining peak wellness is our goal