Personalised Programs

Our personalised therapies and treatments will give you a supercharged boost towards an improved state of fitness and well-being.

Our team of health and well-being consultants, therapists and fitness trainers work with you to discover your ideal state of wellness and develop a personalised exercise program designed to achieve your goals. In the program we will consider:

Your current level of fitness
Likes and dislikes
Lifestyle and work commitments
The support you need to stick to your program – and make doing it something you enjoy


restore is a program based on recovery, rebuilding and/or rehabilitation. It is ideal for those who have been through a period of illness or personal difficulty. It is also the perfect program for anyone whose medical professional has recommended exercise to bring down risks of long-term chronic diseases including heart disease and stroke. Focusing on your inner strength as well as your physical restoration, our consultants will help you to adapt as you work to regain strength, equilibrium, resilience and confidence.


awaken is for those who want to shake off the habits, practices and mindsets that may be holding them back. If you are looking for a new lease of life, our consultants will help you through your journey to discover (or rediscover) your energy, vitality, physical capability and attitude allowing you to do the things that give your life meaning and joy.


activate is a performance-based program for those who have a goal for their fitness and physical condition. It is an ideal program for you if you are going back to sport after a break, want to maintain your condition in your sport off-season, or if you are preparing for a physical challenge such as a marathon.

how om wellness programs work

initial consultation (75 minutes)

We begin with an initial wellness consultation to:

  • Conduct a health and wellness interview
  • Undertake a functional assessment including a physical review of muscle, strength, conditioning, movement, alignment and posture
  • Complete a fitness test to determine the ideal type of program for you

From this, your consultant will write your initial treatment/activity plan then contact you for a follow-up consultation.


follow-up consultation (60 minutes)

In the follow-up consultation, your consultant will:

  • Explain the results of your assessments
  • Work through your personalised program with you
  • Coach you through the activities, exercises and movements in your program so you can do them on your own
  • Recommend the treatments and/or training and frequency in order to achieve the objectives set


one-month check-in

Your consultant will conduct a 45-minute check-in and re-run tests to assess your progress. Any adjustments needed to your program will be made and you will receive an updated program plan.


costs (prices include GST)

Full program assessments and design $395

In addition to the two consultation sessions and your personalised plan:

  • restore package includes a 10-class pass to our studio group classes OR a pass to a 4-week introduction to yoga OR 6-week introduction to fitness
  • awaken package includes a 10-class pass to our studio group classes OR 3 one-on-one 30-minute wellness coaching sessions (coaching options available)
  • activate package includes a 10-class pass to our studio group classes OR 4 one-on-one 30-minute personal training sessions

our clients reaching and sustaining peak wellness is our goal