Surviving the Silly Season

It’s so easy to get carried away as we head into the Christmas season. Between the Christmas get-togethers, gift shopping, end-of-year school events, work commitments, holiday planning, planning for family visits and what to do on Christmas Day, it can all just get a bit overwhelming. With this sudden increase in to-do’s, it’s no wonder some things in our normal routine get dropped… usually these are the very things we need the most. So here is our top 8 ways to keep what’s needed most in your day, in the easiest way possible.

  1. Make sure you keep hydrated – with all the festivities going on, we tend to forget to drink water- make sure you have a glass between drinks or meals to make sure your body is staying hydrated, especially if you have increased your alcohol intake!

  2. Keep moving – Go for a walk or do some stretching exercises every day to keep the blood flowing – it will give you some much needed energy! Even if it’s just 5 mins in the morning before the kids get up.

  3. Listen to your body – If it is tired or you feel stiffness, pain or soreness, take a break and recharge and book an appointment for an adjustment or massage as soon as possible.

  4. Just because its Christmas doesn’t mean you have to eat EVERYTHING – Try not to add too many holiday “extras” to your plate. The trimmings that go with a meal (stuffing, crackling, gravy, salad dressings and cream) are usually the sneakiest source of ways to add calories to your meal, with the least amount of extra taste in the meal.

  5. Sleep – with all the excitement and stress that surrounds Christmas, plan for some early nights and make sure you’re getting well rested sleep.

  6. Online Shopping is your friend – skip the mall craziness and shop when it’s convenient for you. With so many retailers now online, and key sales events such as Click Frenzy and Black Friday timed perfectly in November, you could be done with all your shopping before December even hits.

  7. Make time for immediate family – it’s so easy to get carried away with your days, but try to find time in your days to just sit with your kids and hear about their day. Kids are likely feeling the effects of all the additional activities going on in their day, so providing them that regular check-in will help keep them grounded throughout the crazy.

  8. Just remember at the end of the day, that Christmas is just a day in the year, and if you don’t get everything done as you had hoped to, it’s ok.

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