Wellness Seminars

Corporate Massage

An exciting way to help increase productivity around the office. We can come out to you and offer massage sessions to help reduce some of the aches and pains associated with long hours behind a computer and desk.

Wellness Seminars

Through wellness seminars, we are able to teach lifelong skills and practices to help you integrate into a more holistic lifestyle. This can be based around goal setting, mindfulness or stress coping mechanisms. It could also be around getting more active and finding ways to incorporate that into your already busy lifestyle.

Exercise + Nutrition Seminars

om offer nutrition and exercise based seminars to help get you into the swing of things a little bit easier. We introduce exciting and fun ways to kick start exercise and nutrition into your wellness journey. we offer Practical workshops and seminars to help you gain the best knowledge possible to get your journey going!

Intro to Yoga + Fitness

These are the workshops we offer for people who want to expand their knowledge around their current lifestyle. Whether you’ve never thought of stepping inside of a gym before, or wanting to experience the benefits from yoga, one of these workshops could be the step to getting you on track to hitting your personal goals.

Corporate Bootcamps + Yoga


Corporate bootcamps and yoga are great ways to build up stronger teams within your business. If you are wanting some time to de stress your employees, yoga or a bootcamp may be the way to go. Creating positive relationships between employees is a huge bonus of corporate bootcamps and yoga. This can be done onsite or at our head office in Rochedale.

Occupational Assessments/Pre-Employment Screens

If you are needing any screens or tests done for your business, our experienced practitioners can help you identify any injuries present in your work force and help guide you through the best way to manage them and enforce injury preventative measures to limit them from happening again.

our clients reaching and sustaining peak wellness is our goal